DUO DEX is a decentralized platform based on 0x protocol enabling issuance, trading, and settlement of tokenized digital derivatives –Collateralized Autonomous Token (CAT), including products such as dual-class tokens, options, and structured products.

We aim to reduce risks and barriers in traditional derivative trading and create a transparent and autonomous derivative marketplace.

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Collateralized Autonomous Token

Fully collateralized by crypto assets and each custodian smart contract issues 2 types of CATs with different payoff structures.


CATs can be created by depositing crypto assets to the custodian smart contract. Upon receiving the crypto assets, the contract will return to the sender 2 types of CATs with different payoff structures, which total value equals to the deposited assets.


Holders of CATs can withdraw deposited crypto assets at any time by performing a redemption. To do this, users will send 2 types of CATs at predetermined ratio to the custodian smart contract and receive the crypto assets with the same net value.


  • Income CAT
    provides a stable stream of fixed income.
  • Leverage CAT
    provides leveraged capital gains linked to the underlying ETH.
  • Short CAT
    enables short positions on the underlying ETH.
  • Long CAT
    provides leveraged capital gains linked to the underlying ETH.


Tokenized options make it much easier for even an ordinary investor to exploit opportunities across the volatility surfaces through long/short combinations of calls and puts. Based on our split mechanism, we can create a Call Option CAT and a Covered Call Option CAT by depositing call currency to custodian smart contract.

Further utilizing the collateral recycling framework, investors can get Call Option CAT & Call Spread CAT, Knock-in Option CAT & Knock-out Option CAT, and Call Option CAT & Binary Option CAT.