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What is DUO Network?

We present a decentralized platform named DUO Network which enables issuance, trading, and settlement of tokenized crypto derivatives. It mainly consists of Collateralized Autonomous Tokens (or CAT in short), Price Oracle, CAT Exchange, and DUO Network Token. The platform aims to reduce risks and barriers in traditional derivative transactions, through collateralized smart contracts and self-governed reference rates, thereby creating a transparent and autonomous derivative marketplace.

Collateralized Autonomous Token


CAT's value is backed by digital assets held in its custodian smart contract.


A custodian may create two or more payoff classes of CATs.


CATs are two-way convertible with corresponding collaterals.


Distributed price oracles help to create a fair and objective reflection of the underlying asset value and safeguard against price manipulations.


All CATs are ERC-20 compatible.


Jerry LI

UBS, Citi and SS&C

National University of Singapore

Yizhou CAO

Nomura Securities, Credit Suisse

National University of Singapore


Prof. Steven KOU
Questrom Professor in Management & Professor of Finance

Boston University

Partner, LD Capital


National University of Singapore

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What happens if the collateralized ETH value drops?
When ETH/USD price drops, Token B token drops in value and leverage increases, while Token A token's value remains stable; when ETH/USD drops to a certain level, a Downward Reset event is triggered to reduce Token B’s leverage and restore its net value. After the Reset, Token B holders will have fewer B tokens with higher values and lower leverages; Class A holders will have fewer A tokens and some ETH released from the Network.
How do DUO holders benefit from the system?
DUO holders will benefit from membership discount, conversion arbitrage, and mining rewards from conversion activities.
Why is DUO built on Ethereum? Can it be used on other blockchains?
The idea of DUO tokens is not to replace any cryptocurrency but to prosper a blockchain economy with a stable token structure built on it. As of now, Ethereum has the most diversed ecosystem and highest demand of stable coins, ERC-20 tokens are well-supported by most centralized and decentralized token exchanges. The DUO model can be deployed on other public blockchain with smart contract capacity. We are actively looking forward to partner with uprising public chains lthat look for diverse token economies.
Who will be likely to hold income tokens (Token A)?
These are the users seeking low-volatility and income-generating digital assets. The users of Token A tokens may include digital asset funds, service providers, ICO project teams, asset tokenization platform, exchanges and risk-averse investors. It is an ideal safe heaven asset during market turmoil and a necessary entry point for asset tokenization.
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