DUO Community Event

The Third Phase of DUO Network TestNet Event has concluded. Top winner please contact us to claim your rewards!

Who is Oracle

‘Who is Oracle’ will be held once every hour since the start of Phase 3. Registered user can enter an ETH/USD price prediction for the next hour (e.g. 410) into the Telegram bot and we will select the median of predictions entered every hour as the winner of this round. Then we award players with Oracle Point (OP) based on their difference from the median.

Rank Score
1 N
2 N-1
... ...
i N-i+1
... ...
N 1

Join now and talk to Telegram bot directly to start the game:

Ranking System

Since we added a new source of points into our system, we have updated our ranking system from Phase Two:

Base Point (BP): at the end of each day, all active accounts* of that day are ranked according to their daily conversion volume. Each active account is rewarded accordingly with BP based on total number of active accounts. For example, if on one day there are 400 active accounts, then first rank gets 400 BP, second rank gets 399 BP, and so on, 400th rank gets 1 BP. * Active accounts are accounts that have conducted conversion on that day.

Referral Point (RP): parent accounts can receive RP from each of its children addresses according to their BP. If parent account’s BP is greater than children accounts’ BP, then parent account’s RP = min⁡(BP parent / 2, BP child); otherwise parent account does not receive RP on that day. Parent account does not receive RP from grandchildren accounts.

Oracle Point (OP): a total of 24 games are held every day. Each player can receive OP up to 50% of his/her daily BP for EACH game, i.e. daily OP limit is at 12x of daily BP.

At the end of Phase 3, we give out prizes based on the sum of BP, RP, and OP.

Referral Program

Referral Program is here! We have prepared incentives for both referrers and referees. Each referrer (parent) is eligible for referring unlimited number of referees (children). Each Telegram ID’s address can only be referred once. Parent accounts can receive Referral Points (RP) from each of its children addresses according to their BP. Registered children account can receive a one-time 10,000 Kovan DUO instead of the normal 3,000.

DUO Rebate & KETH Faucet

a. Bye-bye conversion fee! We are rebating 100% of DUO paid as conversion fee the next day. You can still exchange KETH for DUO on our channel if needed.

b. Taking forever to get your KETH? Worry no more, DUO Faucet is here! We are giving away 600 KETH every day. At 00:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC daily, send your request on our channel and receive 3 KETH per day (300 KETH total supplies for each timeslot on a first-come-first-served basis).


Phase 1: 5 July 2018 - 22 July 2018

Phase 2: 23 July 2018 - 5 August 2018

Phase 3: 6 August 2018 – 19 August 2018


Participate beta testing and receive generous rewards for actively creating and redeeming tokens! At each phase, base rewards will be given to the most active community members. Additional rewards (in form of DUO pre-sale quota) will be unlocked for ranked community members when community target in each phase is reached, so spread the words!

Base Reward

These prizes are guaranteed to be given to eligible participants. At the end of each phase, all participants are ranked according to conversion volume. Based on your rank, you will receive the following prizes.

No.1 - No.5 0.5 ETH*
No.6 - No.100 0.1 ETH
No.101 - No.200 0.05 ETH
No.201 - No.320 0.025 ETH

* All ETH rewards will be given in DUO tokens at equal worth (same for all phases).

Community Target & Additional Rewards

All community targets have been met. From now on, each KYC’d address will be allocated with 100x of base rewards amount of DUO pre-sale quota, subject to 50 ETH per person per phase and 100 ETH per person across phases.

Additional community rewards are given at each phase to top addresses (subject to KYC)

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Important Tips

1. To participate, please join our Telegram and follow this guide GettingStarted

2. Your conversion volume is worth 50% more if the fee for that conversion is paid in DUO!

Finbook reserves all rights for final explanation.